Accessories fantastic Eco

Fruit Supply Basket

With the optional fruit basket you and your guests have the fruit always within reach, without having to use additional countertop space. Capacity: approximately 13kg.

Straight Peel Container

For average quantities of orange peel, the larger straight peel container is the perfect solution for the Citrocasa Fantastic ECO. Ideal for up to 30 portions x 0.25 l / day.

Pedestal / Distance Adapter

I. Distance Adapter 1 Liter - drip cup, deep drawn (3 cm deep) for bottles up to 22 cm tall. II. Small pedestal (4 cm) for glasses up to 15 cm tall. III. Large pedestal (8 cm) for glasses up to 11 cm tall.

Countertop Installation Kit

Take advantage of the full capacity of the press while maintaining the highest ease of use. For more than 30 portions of 0.25 liters.

Stainless Steel Cabinet

The stainless steel cabinet makes your Citrocasa Fantastic ECO into the perfect solution when you need mobility and want to exploit your juicer‘s pressing capacity to the fullest. For more than 30 portions x 0.25 l / day.

Glass Display

Available with 2 or 3 shelves. Includes safety glass plates and countertop stand.

Tray Slide

Ideal for self serve and cafeteria settings

Bottle Dispenser

With the optional bottle dispenser, empty bottles are right on hand. For 0.25L, 0.33L, 0.5L, and 1L bottles

Lemon Kit

Allows the press to process smaller fruit sizes from 50-65mm

Leaf - Inlays

Individuality for everyone! You can get the inlays in different colours and materials.