Only citrocasa technology guarantees the purest Orange juice!

7 Reasons why our Juicers are the most reliable on the globe

double 7


Noticeable time saving and absolute hygiene

The double cover is the key component of our 2-zone-technology. All food zone elements, including the back wall (double cover) can be removed for cleaning, ensuring the juicing operation is extremely hygienic, safe and efficient.

  • Time

    Fast and easy cleaning in the dishwasher

  • Money

    Simplified cleaning and disassembling reduces labor expenses

  • Hygiene

    Dishwasher cleaning up to 95° gets rid of all bacteria and germs

cross holder 7


Fast disassembly and the highest operational safety

The unique design of the cross holder fastens all fixation points with a single screw. The pressing and cutting elements can be easily disassembled for cleaning and reassembled again in a matter of minutes.

  • Time

    Fast and easy disassembly with only one screw

  • Money

    Simplified cleaning and disassembling reduces labor expenses

  • Safety

    Machine operation stops automatically if something comes loose

scs 7


Precision cutting ensures ultimate juice purity

Thanks to the Citrocasa soft cutting system, with the up and down motion of the blade, the fruit is perfectly cut. Precise cutting means that the peel doesn’t tear and avoids contamination of the juice with bitter peel oils and substances. The result is simply pure fruit goodness.

  • Juice Purity

    Perfect cut via up- and down motion of the blade

  • Hygiene

    Juice doesn’t get contaminated with bitter peel oils and substances

  • Money

    Delicious tasting juice ensures customer satisfaction

mts 7


Time saving, hygiene and juice purity

The ATS (automatic transport system) and MTS (manual transport system) help keep the sieve clean of seeds and pulp without having to remove it. The transport system greatly reduces labor, cuts costs and maximizes hygiene and juice quality.

  • Juicy Purity

    Mts keeps the sieve clean of seeds and pips

  • Time

    No manual cleaning of the fruit sieve necessary

  • Money

    Reduced labor costs and high juice flow-rate

  • Hygiene

    Fruit sieve does not clog, no juice spillage occurs

intelligent 7


Increased operational safety and hygiene

The programmable auto-stop signals when the peel bucket should be emptied to help avoid peel jams and juice contamination. Programmable for different peel bucket capacities and fruit sizes.

  • Safety

    Programmable auto-stop avoids peel jams

  • Hygiene

    No contamination of the juice due to jammed peels

model 7


absolute flexibility

The intelligent, modular design of citrocasa juicers gives you the option to modify your machine at a later point and switch from self-service to staff-operated or vice versa. This saves costs and keeps you flexible.

  • Money

    No need to buy a new machine if you want to upgrade to self-service

  • Flexibility

    Fast change from self-service to staff-operated machine

stainless 7


Absolute hygiene and high durability

All our machines are made of food-grade stainless steel. This means improved hygiene, outstanding product safety and excellent value retention.

  • Safety

    Robust machine and reduced machinery failure

  • Hygiene

    Food-grade stainless steel and reduced cleaning effort

  • Money

    Excellent value retention and reliability, little need of spare parts